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Best Economy HVAC Indoor Air Quality Monitor(Indoor)
EYC THR03, Indoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor. MEMS sensor for monitoring, react quickly, nicer long-term stability of measuring , high C/P ratio.
EYC with you and your family a Happy Moon Festival
PM2.5 Multifunction 4-in-1 Air Quality Monitor
protect your health and living quality
New-Launch Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
Accurate & Stable Temperature & Humidity Transmitter , Application Environmental monitoring for building / factory / hospital / storage rooms.
EYC New Launch ─ CO2 Transmitter Durable / Stable Excellent long-term life cycle.
Measuring up to 10000 PPM.
Agriculture, green houses, fruit and vegetable storage, mushroom farming, hatcheries and incubators.
Global IIOT Measuring Total Solution Service
EYC have a new unit which is named Innovation IoT Business Unit in April, 2017.
Our new team provide global service about every IIoT Measuring solution, and also have region representatives to service local customer's demands.
EYC IIoT Monitor Cloud System
Industry 4.0 wise resolution
2016 10 Product Launch!! High Accuracy/Rugged/Aluminum case Temperature & Humidity/Air Velocity Transmitter
IP65 protection degree, rugged aluminum case, fit in variety harsh environment
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