Temperature & Humidity and Air Velocity of Hot Wind Monitoring
Tumbling Fluidized Bed Granulating-coating Drying Machine(Multiplex Coater)

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In the process of Granulation-coating drying in the traditional Chinese & Western
pharmaceutical and spices powder particles, we usually use fluidized granulating-coating
drying machine to let the multiplex powder particles to be agglomerated. 

The main flow : 
The multiple powder particles are adhered by binder which is spayed into mixed tank
via pump and compress air, and drying by introducing the hot wind in the meantime.

Our Customer is the pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer. During the process
of mixed powder particles drying, the hot wind should be introduced into the mixing tank by
the motor 
to mix and dry the different powder particles (the temperature is around 90 °C )
we Monitor the temperature and humidity within the mixing tank by THS306, and
Monitor the air velocity within the hot pipe by FTS85 to control the degree of mixing powder


What is Fluid Bed Dryer
Normally rotary dryers can be used for drying and cooling the wide range of
polymer materials. 
For effective processing, it is required control precise
of time and temperature.

Main Function
Drying of powders / Mixing of powders
and agglomeration

Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Dyestuff /
Foodstuff / Dairy / 
Process Industries

Suck the air from the surroundings into Fluid Bed Dryer .Heated up the air by
heating system within the dryer. Make the particle powder in a uniform floating
state. Emission the Evaporationof Water to achieve the purpose of drying, Or use
the adhesive to dry granulation.

♦ By using EYC THS306 and FTS85 to avoid damaging the quality of the raw
   material ranulations.

♦ Remote monitoring and management local data and situation. 

THS306                        FTS85
   Multifunction Temp.               Digital Thermo
   and Humidity Transmitter     Air Velocity Transmitter

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