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  • EYC THM80X series Industry degree high accuracy temperature & humidity transmitter

    ● IP65 protection degree, rugged aluminum case, fit in variety harsh environment
    ● Capable of temperature compensation
    ● Llinear adjustment temperature & humidity by computer, analogue output or option RS-485
    ● Measure high accuracy temperature & humidity, reaction quickly, the sensor can work well after temporary condensation, long term stable in high humidity environment
    ● Process temp. : up to 200℃, S.S. probe proof pressure : 10 bar, metal connector : installation repeatedly
    ● Switch multifunction physical quantities:[%RH]、[]、[mbar]、[g/kg]、[g/m3]、[kj/kg]
    ● Calibration physical quantities, measuring range, analogue output, station, etc
    ● Free calibration software : data logger / record 65535 datas / charts

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  • EYC THS30X Series Multifunction Temperature & Humidity Transmitter (indoor/duct/remote/outdoor)

    ● Industrial sensor comes with high accuracy and long-term stability
    ● Capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment
    ● Multifunction physical quantities ─ temperature & humidity/dew point/frost point/wet-bulb temp./vapor pressure/mixture ratio/absolute humidity/specific enthalpy
    ● Standard 2 analogue output or Modbus RS-485
    ● Option analogue output+ RS-485
    ● Probe : PC or S.S.;Remote type : PVC or TEFLON cable
    ● Power supply : 8-35VDC and 12-35VAC
    ● RS-485 and Modbus RTU
    ● Free programmable software - physical quantities/output/data logger/charts/calibration
    ● Option : USB to RS-485 Converter

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  • 濕度傳感器
    Application is designed for HVAC. Good stability in highly humidity ambiance. With anti-condensation, low drift, anti-light corrosion, widly temperature measuring range.
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  • 溫度傳感器
    temperature transmitter of thin film ,size: small,quick reaction,long term stability,high c/p ratio
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